New Year’s Eve Looks Made Simple!



New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so we reached out to some of our favorite women to create looks that will make getting ready for your evening out easy! Below are three different looks put together by pro makeup artist Kai Kumalee, Photographer and Blogger Nkenge Brown and TV Host (and host of the Podcast “Just Saying'”) Clare Galterio.

LOOK 1: Kai Kumalee 

The makeup artist added a bold limit to a dramatic eye.
Here’s how you can  achieve this unforgettable NYE look:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. First add our Highlight Stick on the top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, in your Cupid’s bow and the inner corners of your eye (apply in the corners of your eye with your finger or our mini Highlight Crayon) and then blend using our Perfecting Sponge. Kai used the Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent.
  2. Then take our Brazilian Bronze Bronzer Stick and add it to the creases of your eye, blending with your finger (as seen in the video). This will help contour your eye as well as help give it a “smokey” look.
  3. Take our Shadow Crayon in Mariomoto Pink Pearl and put it on the remainder of your lid and blend with your finger or the smudger on the other side of the crayon.
  4. Line your eye with our Eye Pencil (Kai used Swiss Chocolate) and then wing the line out slightly.
  5. Lightly line the bottom waterline of your eye with the Eye Liner and then use the smudger to smudge the pencil (so the line is not too dark.)
  6. Add a bold holiday lip shade (Kai used Tuscan Wine – which is the perfect shade to leave a lasting impression!) First add the Matte Crayon to your lip and finish it up by adding the BB Balm from the other side.

Her final look goes perfectly with her show-stopping dress and is perfect for a memorable NYE! Take a closer look:

LOOK 2: Nkenge Brown


Nkenge created a subtle and simple eye with a bold lip look to
compliment her gorgeous NYE outfit.
Here are the steps she took to achieve it:

  1. First apply the Tinted Face Stick all over your face and blend (Nkenge uses Copacabana Chestnut.)
  2. Then take the Brow Pencil to fill in your brows (she uses Espresso.)
  3. For her eyes, she applied our Venetian Gold Eye Shadow Crayon with her finger, spreading it across her lid.
  4. She added more depth to her eyes by adding a little Eye Liner (she used Swiss Chocolate) to complement the gold.
  5. She then added her Blush Stick (in Bora Bora Coral) on the apples of her cheeks and blended in using the contour brush.
  6. She took her Highlight Stick and added it to the high points of her face (above her cheekbones and under brow bone) and blended using the Perfecting Sponge on the other side. Nkenge used the Highlight Stick in Bondi Beach Glow.
  7. She wanted to create a bold lip so she took her eye liner (in Swiss Chocolate) and use on the outer corners of her lips. She then filled in the rest of her lip with Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm.

We just love this classy (but sexy) look:

LOOK3: Clare Galterio

The TV Host likes to keep her look simple, subtle and memorable!
She left all the drama to her beautiful (and sparkly) dress.
Here is how you can achiever her beautiful look:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. First start by applying our Face Stick to your face and blending using the Face Blender on the other end. Clare uses Paradise Island Beige.
  2. Use our Brazilian Bronze Bronzer Stick and draw lines (as Clare does in the video) on your forehead, under your cheekbones and down each side of your nose. Blend with the Contour Brush on the other end of the Bronzer Stick.
  3. Use the Brow Pencil to first draw in your brows (Clare wears Americano) and then set with the Brow Gel on the other side.
  4. Draw your Blush Stick on to the apples of your cheeks (Clare uses St. Barths Pink) and blend with the Contour Brush on the other side.
  5. Use our Venetian Gold Eye Shadow Crayon all over your lids as well as under your eye just below your waterline under your eye. Then take your Kona Coffee Eye Shadow Crayon and use it as an Eye Pencil on the top of your lid as well as just below your waterline.
  6. Take your Highlight Stick (Clare used Maldives Luminescent) and add to the top of your cheekbones and then blend using the Perfecting Sponge on the other side.
  7. Lastly, use your Mini Plumping Lip Balm in Barbados Berry to give your lips the perfect moisture, plump and color for a unforgettable kiss at midnight!

A big thanks to Kai, Nkenge and Clare for putting together these beautiful looks! Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a happy 2018!