Halloween Looks With Makeup Artist Lyndsey Ariel



We have been working with our Makeup Artist, Lyndsey Ariel, since we launched our brand, so it was a given that we would go to her to find the perfect Halloween looks (and ask her a few questions along the way!)

How long have you been working with tréStiQue?
Since the very beginning. I was at the company’s launch party!  I did quick makeovers and touch ups. It was really fun.

What is your favorite Halloween Makeup to do?
I love doing a Scarecrow! It is simple and cute but still enough not to be basic.

Can you show us how you would do it using only tréStiQue makeup?

Do all of your friends make you do their makeup for Halloween?
Actually they don’t! But they definitely do when we are just going out on a normal night. That happens ALL THE TIME. They always try to sneak it in. It always starts with “can you help me with my eyelashes…”

Do you know what you are dressing up as this year?
I don’t know yet. This is first year I don’t know, but I am really leaning toward Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The only reason I wouldn’t do it is because I have to go fully purple if I do. I’m not sure you can ever go fully purple!

Can you help us with one other Halloween look that is easy to do with just tréStiQue makeup?
Of course! I would stick with a cheetah. It’s always a great option.

Thank you to the always wonderful Lyndsey Ariel for the Halloween inspiration. You better believe we will be sharing her final Halloween look if she decides to go full purple!

You can shop all the products in her looks on our website!