Why The Essential 8 Routine Is The Ultimate Timesaver


Think about it: Why are we letting our everyday makeup routine stress us out? Why are we spending so much time and effort on products that are difficult and worst of all messy? Oh and also, why can’t we do our makeup whenever and wherever we want? 

The Essential 8 Routine by trèStiQue is all you need for a complete makeup look that you can apply anywhere. Jenn and Jack asked themselves those exact questions and decided it was time to create makeup that actually works for our lifestyles—they wanted to create one routine that everyone could customize to be exactly how they want it. No mess. No hassle. And best of all: no wasted time! 

The result? The Essential 8—the most complete trèStiQue set for a 5-minute face.

The Essential 8 Set is everything you need, nothing you don’t. It’s an expertly curated routine of 8 products with built-in applicators in just-right shades for your complexion—it includes a Tinted Face Stick, Concealer Crayon, Blush or Bronzer Stick, Highlight Stick, Brow Pencil, Shadow Crayon, Eye Pencil, and Matte or Glaze Lip Crayon.

You build your set however you want it and if you need help choosing the right shades, we can help! Just submit a selfie through our homepage and our team of shade match experts will let you know what they recommend.

The routine also comes in an organized, mess-free, specially designed Deluxe Le Pak bag with a built-in mirror. One of our favorite parts about the makeup bag is that it allows all your essentials to stand upright, crayon tips up, meaning you can see everything and easily grab it—no messy rummaging to find anything. All in all it weighs less than half a pound so it’s perfect to take on the go.

Whether you’re a busy mom on the go, have a hectic work day or you’re traveling the world and trying to pack light + still love the makeup you wear—the routine works for everyone! Your makeup routine should be the easiest part of your day, no matter the time and place. That’s what the Essential 8 Set is all about! It’s that simple.

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