Why The Essential 8 Routine Is The Ultimate Timesaver


Think about it: Why are we letting our everyday makeup routine stress us out? Why are we spending so much time and effort on products that are difficult and worst of all messy? Oh and also, why can’t we do our makeup whenever and wherever we want? 

The Essential 8 Routine by trèStiQue is all you need for a complete makeup look that you can apply anywhere. Jenn and Jack asked themselves those exact questions and decided it was time to create makeup that actually works for our lifestyles—they wanted to create one routine that everyone could customize to be exactly how they want it. No mess. No hassle. And best of all: no wasted time! 

The result? The Essential 8—the most complete trèStiQue set for a 5-minute face.

The Essential 8 Set is everything you need, nothing you don’t. It’s an expertly curated routine of 8 products with built-in applicators in just-right shades for your complexion—it includes a Tinted Face Stick, Concealer Crayon, Blush or Bronzer Stick, Highlight Stick, Brow Pencil, Shadow Crayon, Eye Pencil, and Matte or Glaze Lip Crayon.

You build your set however you want it and if you need help choosing the right shades, we can help! Just submit a selfie through our homepage and our team of shade match experts will let you know what they recommend.

The routine also comes in an organized, mess-free, specially designed Deluxe Le Pak bag with a built-in mirror. One of our favorite parts about the makeup bag is that it allows all your essentials to stand upright, crayon tips up, meaning you can see everything and easily grab it—no messy rummaging to find anything. All in all it weighs less than half a pound so it’s perfect to take on the go.

Whether you’re a busy mom on the go, have a hectic work day or you’re traveling the world and trying to pack light + still love the makeup you wear—the routine works for everyone! Your makeup routine should be the easiest part of your day, no matter the time and place. That’s what the Essential 8 Set is all about! It’s that simple.

The Easiest Way To Find The Perfect Makeup Routine


Shopping for makeup is one of our favorite things to do, don’t get us wrong, but we know it can be hard. Especially shopping for makeup online! Besides actually choosing what products you need and want, and selecting your perfect shades, there also comes the question of, well, what to do with the makeup once you have it! Are your new products now part of your everyday routine? Are they just touch-up products to keep in your purse? Hear us out—sometimes it’s hard to organize your new makeup in a way that makes your routine simple. So we decided to come up with a solution.

You’ve probably seen quizzes out there that help you find your perfect bra fit and shoe style, but we think it’s time for makeup to have a turn!

So we came up with a few fun questions (it will only take you about a minute to finish!) to help us learn more about you and your daily routine—with that we can recommend which trèStiQue set works for you. We’ll send you a custom suggestion about the routine that’s perfect for you once you submit your answers!

Shop trèStiQue Makeup Routines Using The Routine Finder Quiz!

Take Our Routine Finder Quiz 

We’ve created a routine for wherever life takes you: motherhood, travel, professional and/or fitness life and beyond. We’re here to help simplify makeup for your real(ly busy) lifestyle and know we have the perfect trèStiQue set for you. 

trèStiQue's Essential 8 and Mix of 5

Our quiz is a great place to find your perfect routine, but if you want to get a headstart and take a little sneak peek at what your options are, here you go:

Essential 8 

If you match with the Essential 8, you’re hard-working + love results. This routine is perfect for you. This is our most complete set for a full makeup routine in just five minutes. This set includes eight products (expertly curated by you) that will simplify doing your everyday makeup. All of the products are full-sized and 2-in-1 with built in applicators, and the set comes with a FREE Deluxe Le Pak makeup bag with a built-in mirror.

Mix of 5

If you match with the Mix of 5, then that means that you like options when it comes to your makeup. And this set of five 2-in-1 products (and a FREE Luxe Le Pak makeup bag) gives you all of them. This simple touch-up set allows you to customize BOTH your shades and your products – because you know what you want!

Mini Essential 5

If you match with the Mini Essential 5, you live vibrantly + love to try new things. And we fully support that. Our classic mini-sized routine that is perfect for on-the-go! Featuring 5 of our mini essentials, you can curate your own mini routine for your lifestyle. Even though they don’t have built-in applicators like the full size versions, our minis still have our high performance formulas and are great for taking with you wherever you want! This set comes in an organized, mess-free Mini Luxe Le Pak makeup bag with a built-in mirror.

So which set is best for you? Need some help figuring that out? 

Take Our Routine Finder Quiz 

trèStiQue Co-Founder Jennifer Kapahi Is On A Mission To Simplify Makeup Routines Everywhere

Learn More About What Makes Us “Us”

Makeup Solution for Your Lifestyle

When we think about what we stand for and why we’re a makeup solution for your lifestyle, five things come to mind: Customization, Mess-Free Makeup, A Simple Routine, Lightweight + Travel Friendly, and For Your Lifestyle. 

Want to know what we mean by that? Like our makeup, it’s pretty simple:

Customization is essential.

No one person leads the same day-to-day lifestyle, so we don’t think your makeup should be one size fits all. No matter what set you’re building on trestique.com, whatever your makeup needs are, rest assured it’ll be exactly what you want…not what we think you want. That’s the beauty of building your set on our website—you get to customize and curate the shades, products and number of things you want. 

Messy makeup products are so yesterday. 

That’s why every single trèStiQue essential was built to avoid, you guessed it: mess. Each 2-in-1 full size product comes with makeup on one end and an applicator (or extra makeup!) built-in to the other end—everything you need to use and apply your makeup, no need to go grabbing for extras. The crayons seal with a magnetic cap, meaning they don’t open unless you’re using them. And the products themselves are also shaped like crayons so you can draw them directly onto your skin—no need to use your fingers if you don’t want to. And best of all? The applicators that are built-in to the crayons are removable, so take them off whenever you need to clean them, and twist them back on when you’re ready to use it again—easy! 

Simplicity is key. 

When it comes to our makeup routine, we want something that is simple. Each of our routines are easy to do, quick to finish, and still offers the results you love. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday routine, or the perfect touch-up on the go—want to find out which routine is right for you? Take our quiz! 

Where are you headed next?

Every single trèStiQue product is TSA-friendly and even the Essential 8, our most complete routine, weighs less than half a pound. We know that your makeup needs to go with you wherever you do, whether you’re in the car picking up your kiddos from school or you’re boarding a flight to your next adventure—make sure to pack your trèStiQue in your suitcase and in your purse!

What’s your lifestyle?

At the end of the day, makeup needs to work for whatever lifestyle you lead. Whether you’re balancing parenthood and the million other things you do every day , traveling the world and living out of one suitcase, or jumping from one meeting to the next trying to grow your career—just know that this makeup is going to work for you, not against you.

The Story Behind The Brand – Founding Trestique


By: Jennifer Kapahi, co-founder of trèStiQue

I have loved makeup for as long as I can remember. In fact, the first present I remember really getting excited over was a caboodle case that held all the drugstore makeup I would collect any chance I got. This was especially funny to my brothers (I am the oldest of three) because we grew up on an organic farm in a small town and in theory, I never really needed to wear makeup. But my mom appreciated my love right away and one of my fondest memories is when she took me to the Clinique makeup counter. It was my first experience at a real makeup counter and I loved playing around and testing everything out. 

My love for the makeup business only grew as I got older. After college I started working at Bloomingdales in their Executive Training Program and then I went over to Intercos to learn about product development. Intercos is actually where I met my co-founder Jack! After Intercos I took on marketing and product development roles at Revlon—it was so interesting to see not only how a product was thought up and conceived but also how it was marketed to our customer.

Even though I fell more and more in love with makeup as I worked in beauty, I noticed I still struggled with the same problems: I often found myself getting overwhelmed by my makeup bag, by how much makeup was in there, and how messy my routine was. I was super busy and simply needed something that worked, which inspired me to want to create a solution that combined my love for the business with my need to simplify.

trèStiQue makeup bag is lightweight and holds all the Essential 8 Routine and has a built-in mirror.

Needless to say, I was really happy to find out that Jack had the same idea. Jack has an amazing background in product development and loves to create super high performance innovative products. We bumped into each other at a Christmas party right after I had left Revlon (I took the plunge and left my job so I could really focus on building this company) and I remember him telling me he wanted to find a way to keep makeup high performance but “simplify it all.”

So it was from that random Christmas party that tréStiQue was born. We brainstormed for months and agreed that the best way to simplify someone’s makeup was to have it be completely customized to them. But we didn’t want to just stop there. We wanted our products to be so easy to use that literally anyone could use them (from a novice user to professional makeup artist). We kept coming back to the idea of the swiss army knife: we wanted our customer to have everything they could possibly think of at their fingertips but in a compact and travel-friendly package. We wanted to do away with the heavy and cluttered makeup bag.  And on top of all of that we wanted our products to be so easy to use that our customer could do their entire makeup routine in 5 minutes.

So we would meet in coffee shops everyday to brainstorm, draw and come up with a plan. We really thought about who we were making our makeup for. And we decided that it was a woman on a real life mission (career, family, traveler) that was looking for makeup that worked with their lifestyle. And it was there that we settled on our concept:

We were going to create the first ever custom designed line of makeup sticks that combined magnetic sealing caps (to keep products secure), with built-in application tools (no need to buy extra brushes) that twist on and off so you can clean them. We decided that our formulas and shades were going to be high performance, long lasting, have superior glide-on and color payoff, and all with a “clean” philosophy (all products are cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance free, paraben free and many are vegan and Gluten Free). And lastly, we wanted all of the makeup to fit in a small makeup bag (with a built-in mirror) so doing your makeup on-the-go would be super easy. 


trèStiQue Deluxe Le Pak Makeup Bag fits in the palm of your hands and holds entire Essential 8 Routine

Once we dreamt up our “baby” (as we like to call it) we needed to figure out how to let our customers to shop for it. We knew we wanted to offer the makeup directly to you through our website, and that we were selling a full makeup routine, so we wanted to make sure our customer got a customized experience that was personalized to her. So we launched a simple “selfie shade match” tool that allows you to get personalized shade/product recommendations directly from a tréStiQue team member. And in addition to allowing returns and exchanges, we launched a Try Before You Buy option so you could try out our full Essential 8 Routine before officially committing to it. 

At the end of the day Jack and I want our makeup routines to be a solution for you. Whether you love makeup, are just getting into it, or are just looking for the basics, we have makeup (and a routine) that will work for you. We want to take the stress out of shopping and wearing makeup and are excited about all of the new things we are dreaming up for you. 

Have you tried our makeup our routine? What do you think? I would love to know!

New Year’s Eve Looks Made Simple!



New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so we reached out to some of our favorite women to create looks that will make getting ready for your evening out easy! Below are three different looks put together by pro makeup artist Kai Kumalee, Photographer and Blogger Nkenge Brown and TV Host (and host of the Podcast “Just Saying'”) Clare Galterio.

LOOK 1: Kai Kumalee 

The makeup artist added a bold limit to a dramatic eye.
Here’s how you can  achieve this unforgettable NYE look:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. First add our Highlight Stick on the top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, in your Cupid’s bow and the inner corners of your eye (apply in the corners of your eye with your finger or our mini Highlight Crayon) and then blend using our Perfecting Sponge. Kai used the Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent.
  2. Then take our Brazilian Bronze Bronzer Stick and add it to the creases of your eye, blending with your finger (as seen in the video). This will help contour your eye as well as help give it a “smokey” look.
  3. Take our Shadow Crayon in Mariomoto Pink Pearl and put it on the remainder of your lid and blend with your finger or the smudger on the other side of the crayon.
  4. Line your eye with our Eye Pencil (Kai used Swiss Chocolate) and then wing the line out slightly.
  5. Lightly line the bottom waterline of your eye with the Eye Liner and then use the smudger to smudge the pencil (so the line is not too dark.)
  6. Add a bold holiday lip shade (Kai used Tuscan Wine – which is the perfect shade to leave a lasting impression!) First add the Matte Crayon to your lip and finish it up by adding the BB Balm from the other side.

Her final look goes perfectly with her show-stopping dress and is perfect for a memorable NYE! Take a closer look:

LOOK 2: Nkenge Brown


Nkenge created a subtle and simple eye with a bold lip look to
compliment her gorgeous NYE outfit.
Here are the steps she took to achieve it:

  1. First apply the Tinted Face Stick all over your face and blend (Nkenge uses Copacabana Chestnut.)
  2. Then take the Brow Pencil to fill in your brows (she uses Espresso.)
  3. For her eyes, she applied our Venetian Gold Eye Shadow Crayon with her finger, spreading it across her lid.
  4. She added more depth to her eyes by adding a little Eye Liner (she used Swiss Chocolate) to complement the gold.
  5. She then added her Blush Stick (in Bora Bora Coral) on the apples of her cheeks and blended in using the contour brush.
  6. She took her Highlight Stick and added it to the high points of her face (above her cheekbones and under brow bone) and blended using the Perfecting Sponge on the other side. Nkenge used the Highlight Stick in Bondi Beach Glow.
  7. She wanted to create a bold lip so she took her eye liner (in Swiss Chocolate) and use on the outer corners of her lips. She then filled in the rest of her lip with Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm.

We just love this classy (but sexy) look:

LOOK3: Clare Galterio

The TV Host likes to keep her look simple, subtle and memorable!
She left all the drama to her beautiful (and sparkly) dress.
Here is how you can achiever her beautiful look:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. First start by applying our Face Stick to your face and blending using the Face Blender on the other end. Clare uses Paradise Island Beige.
  2. Use our Brazilian Bronze Bronzer Stick and draw lines (as Clare does in the video) on your forehead, under your cheekbones and down each side of your nose. Blend with the Contour Brush on the other end of the Bronzer Stick.
  3. Use the Brow Pencil to first draw in your brows (Clare wears Americano) and then set with the Brow Gel on the other side.
  4. Draw your Blush Stick on to the apples of your cheeks (Clare uses St. Barths Pink) and blend with the Contour Brush on the other side.
  5. Use our Venetian Gold Eye Shadow Crayon all over your lids as well as under your eye just below your waterline under your eye. Then take your Kona Coffee Eye Shadow Crayon and use it as an Eye Pencil on the top of your lid as well as just below your waterline.
  6. Take your Highlight Stick (Clare used Maldives Luminescent) and add to the top of your cheekbones and then blend using the Perfecting Sponge on the other side.
  7. Lastly, use your Mini Plumping Lip Balm in Barbados Berry to give your lips the perfect moisture, plump and color for a unforgettable kiss at midnight!

A big thanks to Kai, Nkenge and Clare for putting together these beautiful looks! Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a happy 2018! 


3 Easy To Achieve Holiday Party Looks!



It’s December, which means it’s time for Holiday Parties!! We worked with our makeup artist, Lyndsey Ariel, to create three easy Holiday Party looks, so you can look polished for the party (in half the time!) Now you just have to find the perfect outfit…

Look 1 – Midnight Kiss Ready
Your pout will be the center of attention in Yesenia’s Bold Lip Look…

 1. Start with our Concealer Crayon (Yesenia’s shade is Bisque) and apply it to any dark spots, under the eye, around the nose and any place that there is some discoloration. Blend with the built in blender on the other end.

2.  Use your Tinted Face Stick (for Yesenia we used Paradise Island Beige) and blend using the Face Blender on the other end.

3. Fill your brow with our Brow Pencil (Yesenia wears Americano) and then use the Brow Gel to set the look.

4. Put our Morimoto Pink Pearl Eye Shadow Crayon on your lid. You can blend with your finger or the built-in smudged.

5. Take your Eye Pencil and draw just on top of the lid (you can darken the look by adding a little under the bottom lid as well!) Yesenia is wearing Swiss Chocolate.

6. Add St. Barths Pink Blush Stick to the apples of your cheeks (build and blend using the built-in Contour Brush to your desired color.)

7. Add our Maldives Luminescent Highlight Stick to the tops of your cheekbones and dab using the Perfecting Sponge on the other side.

8. Now let’s talk Lips! For this look we used Tuscan Wine. It is the perfect holiday lip color! Use the tip of the Lip Crayon to outline the lip and the fill it in using the side of the crayon. We added a touch of shine using the BB Balm on the other side. We put the balm just in the center of the top and bottom lip.

And that’s it…now you have the most kissable look at any holiday party!

Look 2 – Show Off That Winter Glow 
Glow Bold with Deepica’s Holiday Party look…

1. Start with our Concealer Crayon (Deepica’s shade is Toffee) and apply it to any dark spots, under the eye, around the nose and any place that there is some discoloration. Blend with the built in blender on the other end.

2.  Use your Tinted Face Stick and blend using the Face Blender on the other end (Deepica uses Waikiki Tan.)

3. Deepica loves the full brow look so we used our Brow Pencil to fill in her brows (she wears the shade Espresso) and then use the Brow Gel (on the other end) to set it.

4. Take our Himalayan Slate Shadow Crayon and apply it all of over your lid and then use the Built-In blender, to blend it out into the crease. Build the color up as much as you want!

5. Take the Santorini Black Sand Eye Pencil and line your to top lid, winging it out slightly. Also, use the Eye Pencil to line the bottom waterline.

6. Take the Brazilian Bronze Bronzer and add it to the cheekbones and the sides of your nose and then blend using the Contour Brush on the other end.

7.  Add the Maldives Luminescent Highlighter on top of your cheekbone, down the center of your nose and on the brow bone right under your brows.

8. Pick from either Tuscan Wine or Chile Red (Deepica is wearing Tuscan Wine) and line your lips with the tip of the crayon and then fill your lip with the side of the crayon. You can keep the look Matte or add a little shine with the BB Balm on the other end of the crayon by applying it all over the lips.

Look 3 – All Eyes On You(r Eyes!)
Your eyes will leave a lasting impression with Nkenge’s Bold Eye look…

1. Start with our Concealer Crayon (Nkenge’s shade is Toffee) and apply it to any dark spots, under the eye, around the nose and any place that there is some discoloration. Blend with the built in blender on the other end.

2.  Use your Tinted Face Stick and blend using the Face Blender on the other end (Nkenge uses Copacabana Chestnut.)

3. Fill your brows in using our Brow Pencil and set with the Brow Gel (Nkenge uses Espresso.)

4. Take our Aspen Pine Shadow Crayon and cover your lid with it. Build to your desired amount of color (we built up Nkenge’s color for a more dramatic look.)

5. Take our Santorini Black Sand Eye Pencil and add it across the top of your lid and then under your eye across your waterline.

6. Use our Bora Bora Coral Blush Stick and add it to the apples of your cheeks (you can blend with your finger or the built-in Contour Brush.)

7. Apply our Maldives Luminescent Highlight Stick on the top of your cheekbones and dab to blend using the Perfecting Sponge on the other end.

8. Since the look puts focus on the eyes, we decided to use our “your lips but better” shade, Florence Fig, for a touch of color. Use the Matte side of the crayon to fill your lips in and then use the BB Balm on the other end to add shine on top of the Matte.

So what look is going to be your holiday go-to look this year?  Send us a DM with your final holiday look!